KitchenTakeovers (by Alicia Chef & Culinary Nutritionist) – OFFERS bespoke PRIVATE dining experiences and nutrition focused cookery classes for adults and children at host(s) location. Alicia specialises in Caribbean Fusion Cuisine with African and South East Asian influences. She is passionate about bringing a touch of Caribbean flare to your dining experience; and, with her knowledge in food science and nutrition she offers something for any taste taking into account food intolerance(s) and dietary restrictions. 

So whether it’s just an intimate dining experience for 2 or a family celebration Alicia is happy to give you an unforgettable and unique dining experience. 

“I take the hassle and worry out of what you will feed your guests so you can get on and enjoy your event“. Alicia (Chef & Culinary Nutritionist)




Alicia also offers one-to-one and small group cooking sessions, putting you at the centre of the sessions. Whether you are looking to take control of your diet, nutrition and general health, she believes it all starts  in the kitchen.

She can equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to cook and eat healthily. Even if you’ve never cooked before or if you just need to increase your kitchen confidence and repertoire.

Let KitchenTakeovers help you with personalised cookery sessions – “so you can create culinary delights without the fight, all in the comfort of your own home” (Alicia, Chef & Culinary Nutritionist).