Ultimate Stress Busting Tips – And FREE One Day Meal Plan

November 2nd  is National Stress Awareness Day, and to get us all thinking about our mental and physical health lets get the ball rolling early this year. So, what exactly is stress? when someone says I am stressed out, what do they mean? is it just that they are weak, or incapable of sorting their problems out? Many of us use this phrase and take it for granted, I don’t think I have ever stopped to think what the hell does that mean to me anyway – that am stressed out!   The NHS say that stress – “is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure, which turns into stress when we feel unable to cope” and I think this covers it pretty well. How we cope with emotional or mental anxiety can lead us into a cycle of uncontrollable stress, which if not managed can lead to many psychological and physical manifestations. Feeling out of control can lead to unhealthy behaviours, such as overeating, excessive drinking or smoking, locking ourselves away; leading to low self esteem, which in itself creates an even  bigger trigger for the above cycle to continue.   Ways you can manage your stress: … Continue reading Ultimate Stress Busting Tips – And FREE One Day Meal Plan