The Truth About ‘Ready Meals’

The Truth About ‘Ready Meals’ You don’t have to be kitchen savy to make something that is healthy, taste great and looks appetising. With the easy access food culture we have these days, there really is no excuse to not put nutritious food in your body.     All rights to images reserved  (c)Alicia Lewis @ KitchenTakeovers     I have had clients who think that all ready meals are bad, or because they heard an over zealous friend or neighbour rejecting them means they are to be avoided at all cost.  My advice? – educate yourself, then decide what is right for you ‘stop’ following the crowd. A pre-packed meal or item of food can form the basis of a healthy meal for anyone. Though this is especially true for some, e.g. the elderly or those on a budget who cannot cook this maybe the only way they can get a healthy meal. I think sometimes we get so hang up on the bad press of anything packaged; we are scared of taking advantage of the good things presented to us. Now granted everyone have their personal views on such matters, which is fine. But don’t go bashing someone else for … Continue reading The Truth About ‘Ready Meals’