Why Smoothies Can Be Unhealthy – The Bottom Line

It seems every where I look and every key stroke brings me to an article, a recipe, an enthusiast for ‘Smoothie’.   Let me put it out there now that I am a huge fan of these thick, yummy, colorful, drinkable meals, especially when I am short on time.  However, I think its high time people wise up to the fact that,  if you are not mindful with the other aspects of your diet and lifestyle.   I have spoken to far too many individuals who have no idea they are causing more harm than good, in blindly following the crowd. For starters, because it’s a smoothie doesn’t make it healthy, hear me out before you jump down my Nutribullet. What is ‘healthy’ depends very much on your current state of health and what you are hoping to achieve, perhaps this is why despite all our public health measures to curb the growing epidemic of our obeseogenic nation (with 61.9% adults and 28% of children obese or over weight), we are still failing.   It is easy to chuck all these great fruits, vegetables, yogurt or milk in a blender and hey pesto look am among the healthy elite!  the average person … Continue reading Why Smoothies Can Be Unhealthy – The Bottom Line